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Who is the service for?

The SEE (Support, Empower, Educate) Project is a service that supports young women and girls aged 14 – 18 who have been affected by sexual violence, sexual abuse and rape.

Our Counsellors and Empowerment Workers deliver one to one support, to empower you to make informed choices and help you to feel in control of your life. We will always believe you and will not judge you. All our support staff work from a trauma informed approach and sessions will be led by you.

The SEE Project is run by women and our centre is a women only space.


Counselling provides therapeutic support, and a safe space where you can work through and explore your experiences, thoughts and feelings. You do not have to talk about what happened if you do not want to. Sessions are run by a qualified counsellor who is experienced in working with young women and the effects of sexual violence.

Empowerment work

Empowerment work provides practical and emotional one to one support for young women who have been affected by sexual violence. Sessions are led by you and will give you the opportunity to work towards goals. They will provide a safe space to build on self-esteem, assertiveness, emotional resilience and improve your well-being.


The SEE services are confidential and the information provided by you is confidential unless:

  • We believe that you or anyone under the age of 18 years old is in danger or at risk of significant harm OR
  • You consent to information being shared.

If information does need to be shared we will:

  • Identify how much information to share
  • Ensure the right information is going to the right person
  • Distinguish fact from opinion
  • Share information securely
  • Involve you where possible and/or inform you that information will be shared providing it will not create risk of further harm

Contact us

If you would like to get support, you can complete a referral form by clicking here. 

Alternatively, you can speak to someone on 01865 725311 (core office hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm) or email

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